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José Antonio Fraiz Brea

José Antonio Fraiz Brea

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Welcome to the Web Page of the Master Universitario en Dirección y Planificación del Turismo Interior y de Salud. We think that it suitably presents the utilities that from our point of view must have an Official Master in Tourism of validity in all the European Space of Superior Education and that it tries to be a reference in the international scope of the Superior Formation. This fact, allows that easily it is recognized by any international university system.

We have looked for the best combination of teaching staff (university educational and investigating professors, nationals and foreigners, in the different tourist areas of knowledge; and professionals of the Tourist Sector) to guarantee the formative quality, and therefore the satisfaction of the students. Specific seminaries, skillful conferences of professionals of recognized prestige, practices in the more representative tourist companies of the tourist reality, tourist visits to organizations and institutions, complement the organization and educational programming.

We hoped that this page covers all the informative necessities with those people who are doubting in the election of the Masters to make.

That it is useful for those others that they want to know and to locate to resources and tourist products, by the utility of the Search Map

And that allows to the students and titleholders of the Master a greater facility in the incorporation to the labor market, by the utility of Labour Exchange

The page will be updated to newspaper, we guaranteed the interactivity with the direction of the Master and the functionality of all the utilities that contains. Our main objective is to surpass the expectations that their users look for in a Web Page of these characteristics.

     Mr. José Antonio Fraiz Brea.
     Director of the Master in Direction and Planning
     of the Tourism.

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